Art is life itself.



Mix media on cotton paper,
35 x 50 cm.

Chakrillas explores coincidences between  Andean and Indian cultures: Chacra = arable land, for agriculture. Chakra= energetic point; Illas =  Andean magical stones. Kriyas = actions and breathing that can arrange a magical circunstance. Two children are linking this world. Above, the shape resembles an orange cup with its three pistils running out. It brings the figure of the precious saffron. A wish to feel natural sensations seeing a saffron meadow in the north of India, Kashimir… ( a gift poem in the right hands). And the girl, in red on Earth, has a Quintu, an Andean sacred way to offer three coca leaves. They both talk about an ancestral medicine, which connect us.chakrillas

About the artist…

Rebeca Dorich focus on art experiences to benefit community life. The artist performs talks, workshops and exhibitions at health, educational and cultural centres, as well as at public spaces. Nowadays, she is exploring Printmaking at the National Fine Art School in Lima. Dorich obtained a BA – Art History with distinction at San Marcos University. She has publications as art researcher, book illustrator and poet. She has worked as art educator allied to art therapy. The artist joined group exhibitions in Peru and India. In Lima, at San Marcos University, Art Festivals, Sala Crea, Sala Bernardo Bitti, Dipinto di Blu Art Gallery and at Reneé Navarrete Art Foundation, where she had attended Land of Colour Scholarship. Rebeca participates in women artist international encounters, presented at the Convent of Saint Francis Art Museum and at the Bank of the Nation art galleries in Cusco and other cities in Peru. In India, at MediaFest at EFL-University and at Ailamma Art Gallery, where she is represented in the public collection of the gallery in Hyderabad. Rebeca Dorich lives and works in Lima, Peru.